Module Selection – Now Available

We are pleased to be able to inform you that the technical problems being experienced have now been resolved and the module selection facility will shortly be available again for your use.  We will be turning the facility back on at 12.00noon today.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your continued patience whilst the problem has been resolved.

Yours Sincerely,
Registry Services.


  1. There are still people that cannot select their modules, me included.
    How is this fair? some modules will undoubtedly be full, through no fault of our own?

  2. I am also still unable to select my modules. Can somebody please update us so we know what is going on???

  3. im still unable to choose my modules for 2010/2011, this isnt fair as some are able to choose theres, and the modules i may want to choose will be full.

  4. I can’t even get onto sole, it just tells me the connection has timed out. I think it needs to be shut down until everything is fixed, otherwise its not fair on those who can’t choose.

  5. I totally agree this is unfair, this is our education. I know for a fact if I don’t get into the modules I want to do then I’ll have to leave Worcester University as i’m not doing modules that have no interest to me! I hope this can get sorted soon for all of us.
    My page simple shows the modules i’m doing at the present.

  6. I still can’t pick my modules, in fact all I’m getting is a page that tells me what I picked last year. Also, I know that this isn’t the case for just me, quite a few people on my course are getting nowhere as well.
    It isn’t fair, like Jay said, if modules become full due to some people having an unfair advantage in the selection process.

  7. There is no option for me to choose year 2010. does this mean that the people who are experiencing technical difficulties will be forced to just have whats left?

  8. I’m also experiencing difficulties, the system keeps telling me ‘too many modules’ already when I’m trying select my first module. Also, JOUR3002 has been allocated to both S1 and S2 even though it’s should be taken over 2 semesters. Can you please fix these.

  9. This is totally unfair! I can’t choose any modules for 2010 either, just keeps showing me 2009. I know what moduels I want to choose and if I can’t pick them I will be really upset, because I will be studying subjects that will not benifit me in my future employment.

  10. I will not let me select modules for next yaer, every time I click on select modules it just lists my first year modules. How is this fair!!!!!!

  11. This is totally unfair, i am still not able to select my modules even though it has been two hours since the problem was ‘resolved’. Because of this i will not be able to choose the modules i want!

  12. All mine shows is spanish stage one and 1 that i’m doing this year!!! Why can other people select theirs?

  13. Can’t select mine either. Only my modules for 2009/10 are displayed, which is no help to me at all. They really should have said ‘partially resolved’.

  14. bit of a joke isn’t it? not very fair if the modules I want to do are full. Mine only shows the 2 free options i had for this year

  15. i cant choose them either it doesnt have the 2010/2011 option y? though it was suppose to be resolved.

  16. I cannot choose the modules either. Could you give us some feedback as what to do before all the module choices have been taken.

  17. I’m now able to select my modules, but AMST2001 hasn’t shown up in my mandatory section, even though it clearly states in the directory that it’s mandatory for joint students (which is what I am). I’m very confused…

  18. Now I cannot submit my module selection since the system thinks I have too many modules chosen for S1 because of the JOUR3002 (taken over 2 semesters) allocated to S1.

  19. I am a single honors student trying to select the modules for my final year but SOLE wants me to select an indenpendant study module as well as 7 others, surely it should be 6?

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