Call for Nominations for Honorary Degrees & University Fellowships

Each year at the annual award ceremonies the University confers a number of honorary degrees and University Fellowships. The awards are based on nominations made by staff, students and governors of the University.

 The criteria for the awards are:

Honorary Degree – the University is looking to recognise those who are particularly eminent in their field and whose work is of regional, national or international significance. There is no restriction on the nature of the field in which the individual has excelled. A previous or potential link with the region and/or the University is desirable.

University Fellowships – the University is looking to confer fellowships on those who have either already made an outstanding and normally voluntary contribution to the University, or whose current role provides opportunities for a fruitful relationship to develop. It is intended that Fellows should act as ambassadors for the University, helping wherever possible to raise awareness of the University and its goals.

Normally such persons will have an association with the University or local region.

How to make a Nomination: Please complete the attached form and return it to the Helen Johnstone, Assistant to the Registrar and Secretary by 31st March 2010

 It is important that nominees should not be approached prior to consideration of nominations by the Honorary Awards Committee

Membership of College of Fellows


One comment

  1. Harold “Dickie” Bird cricket umpire
    Nigel Kennedy violinist
    Alistair McGowan impressionist
    John Blashford-Snell (Col)
    Graeme Hick
    Ben Sidwell BBC Midlands Today
    Paul Damarii
    Dace Bradley Braddersw BBC H&W

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