Revised standard submission time

During last semester we received a significant volume of negative feedback regarding the introduction of a 9am standard submission time. We have listened to your feedback and after discussing the matter at length with Academic Support Units (ASU) – who have responsibility for handling assessment submission – it has been agreed to change the standard submission time.

With effect from 1 February 2010, the new standard submission time will be 3pm.

The reasons for adopting 3pm has been based primarily upon the desire to ensure that all students are treated the same and consistently regardless of where they submit their assessment items. The main constraint has been the different staff resources in each of the ASU offices. There are staff available each day in each of the ASUs to empty the boxes at 3pm. After 3pm this is not the case.


  1. Dear Registry Services,

    I love you so much right now.


    Student who has an hour or more commute time to hand in assignments.

  2. I really can not see how it makes the slightest differance – you hand it it at your own individual prefered time BEFORE the deadline, for me that is traditionally as they are emptying the box, but thats just me !

  3. Thanks registry peeps, i no longer have to lose sleep over deadlines! (and you can spend less on the red ink you use to stamp late assignments)

    A Happy student

  4. you have just made me ridiculously happy!!! You have no idea what it is like trying to get up that damn hill in the snow in the dark trying to hand in daft assignments when you’re still half asleep after having pulled a late night trying to get it done!
    Thank you so much for actually listening to the students and taking our wants into consideration *happy face*

  5. Thank you for reconsidering the submission time & listening to your students. Hopefully, this will be beneficial to all concerned.

  6. This is great, especially for people who have to post work. Means you can use the full amount of time available and can post with Special Delivery 1pm again instead of the Guaranteed 9am Delivery service which starts at £10.85 per item!

  7. This is awesome news! Thank you for listening to the students, this will literally cut my stress levels in half when it is deadline time! Thank you 🙂

  8. I’m a commuter from Gloucester I used to spend much money with train pick time ticket. I’m more than happy now and willhave enough time to do check up properly.

  9. I am also happy with the revised time for submission of work, being a commuter and having the bad habit of leaving everything to the last min. Thanks registry and all concerned.

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