What Next?

Have you considered a Postgraduate Management qualification?

Have you thought how you might ride out the credit crunch?

Have you considered upgrading your qualifications to be ready for the economic turnaround?

 MSc Management

 The following is an extract from Prospects.ac.uk

It could be argued that, as a Masters graduate you possess many of the skills gained from a degree but to greater extent. Studying for a first degree requires a certain level of intellectual ability and motivation but completion of a Masters requires more commitment and capability. Employers value the more technical/ vocational skills gained from specific Masters study 

 Benefits of the Worcester Business School Postgraduate Management courses

 The MSc courses offered by Worcester Business School are a flexible and dynamic group of courses that provide a sound understanding of managerial theory and practice.

  • Option to switch pathway after the first semester
  • International context built into the course which will help improve your global awareness
  • 10 % reduction in fees for continuing University of Worcester students
  • Opportunity to mix with International students helping to increase your cultural awareness


 The six Masters awards in Management offered by Worcester Business School prepare you for a career in business and management. They offer real flexibility, and potential to specialise in your chosen areas of interest.

 The six courses are:

• Management MSc

• International Management MSc

• Management & Marketing MSc

• Management & Finance MSc

• Management & Human Resources MSc

• International Marketing Management MSc

 The MSc courses are primarily designed to meet the needs of graduates who have not previously specialized in management and business at degree level however it also offers business graduates the opportunity to enhance their vocational skills.

 How to Apply

Please apply directly to the Admissions Office, Registry Services

 For further information about the course please contact

 John Gardener-Admissions tutor

Bredon 210


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