Independent Study Opportunities


SPHERE: Shared Police and Higher Education Research and Enterprise


Are you looking for an idea for your independent study or would you like to get a project idea in place for next academic year?

SPHERE is a partnership between West Mercia Constabulary (WMC) and the University of Worcester, which enables the force to utilise academic expertise to enhance its policing activities.  

SPHERE was developed to enable research and consultancy to be carried out for West Mercia Constabulary to enhance its operational effectiveness and to allow University of Worcester students and staff the opportunity to enhance their applied research and knowledge transfer experience.  

Work is carried out by undergraduate students, postgraduate students and University staff. The Constabulary benefits through gaining access to the latest skills in specific fields, while University students and staff gain valuable workplace experience.

Each year WMC provide a list of potential projects for students to take on as their independent study. Students can also initiate their own project ideas.

If you would like to hear more about this opportunity please contact to arrange a chat:

University of Worcester Contact for SPHERE:
Katherine Jones. Enterprise Manager. Business Development Office.
01905 855556
Hines Building room 1.3

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