Healthy Living Programme for Families

A healthy living programme for families (known as the MEND Programme will be running at the University starting at 5.15pm this coming Wednesday (22nd April).


·        WHO IS IT FOR? The programme is designed for 7-13 year old children whose weight is above a healthy range for their age and height, and their parents.


·        WHAT ARE THE AIMS? The programme aims to improve fitness and increase both child and parent’s knowledge of the benefits of regular physical activity, good nutrition and healthier lifestyle.


·        WHAT DO YOU DO? The programme consists of two sessions per week (each lasting for 2 hours) with the first half of each session focusing upon nutritional and lifestyle education, followed by an hour of fun non-competitive activity sessions for the children.


·        WHERE & WHEN? The programme will run in the Thomas Telford building (formerly the MARRC building) every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:15pm to 7:15 pm for the next ten weeks and as it is ‘family-based’ the children must have at least one parent/guardian attend every session with them.


·        DETAILS: For details of the programme, and to see if your child qualifies to take part, please contact Caroline Harmer on 01905 733813 or via email


·        WIDER INVITATION: If you would like to forward details of the programme to any other family or friends, or if you would like to advertise the programme in any other workplace (e.g. partner’s place of work) please feel free to do so as the more participants, the better!  We will be happy to provide you with pdf and hard copies of flyers and posters if you need them.


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