UW Bursary due to students!

Students in receipt of any level of maintenance support grant are entitled to an enhanced bursary payable by the University of Worcester. You must forward a copy of your SLC financial assessment letter to the finance office in order that your bursary can be increased. If you think that you have not done this and are eligible to an additional payment please forward your assessment as soon as possible. The latest date for revision of your bursary is the 29 May 2009.


  1. How do we find out if we are eligible for the enhanced bursary? Who do we need to forward our details to?


  2. hello,
    i don’t think i have received my full bursary im entitled to. how can i find out if the payments are correct??
    many thanks
    liberty oakley

  3. Hi there,
    I have received confirmation that my UW bursary has been approved to be paid by BACS, but when can I expect it to be credited to my account?

    I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Leanna Marie Horne

  4. Hello again,
    I just wanted to clarify that my bursary was credited to my accoun this morning.

    Many Thanks!

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