University Scholarships for Extra-Curricular Activities


The University is launching a new scholarship scheme for all students. You can apply for funding, up to a £1000, to finance extra-curricular involvement in activities either directly related to or distinct from your course of study. Examples are: voluntary activities which are community based, either in the UK or abroad; activities related to a past-time or interest in which you are involved (e.g: music or other arts based area; elite sport); an activity which is course-related but voluntary, if undertaken, is likely to contribute to your academic performance (e.g.: a study visit or attendance at a conference).

To apply for the scholarship please complete a scholarship application form which you can access via this blog or you can get a hard copy from the Student Enquiry Counter in Woodbury. You will need to supply supporting documentation with your application, e.g. details of any study visit, invitations or bookings. Please note that successful applicants will be required to submit a report of the activity for which the scholarship was awarded.

All applications will be considered by the Scholarship Panel and applicants will be notified of the outcome mid-late April.

Completed application forms should be submitted to the Student Enquiry Counter in Woodbury by the 31st March 2008

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