First Year Students: Your chance to win £1000!

Are you a first-year student on an undergraduate degree or diploma course? If so, you are a member of the Futuretrack cohort and you may have completed an online questionnaire in response to an invitation from UCAS sent to all 2006 higher education applicants. Last summer 130,000 respondents did so and the research team at the University of Warwick are just about to launch the key findings from this study on 12th June. Futuretrack – the biggest-ever study of higher education, career development and employment – is a longitudinal study that will survey participants four times: before starting courses, at the end of the first year of study NOW, in summer 2009 and finally, in winter 2011/12. It will provide valuable information to help improve guidance and information services to students and all who are interested in the graduate labour market.

If you filled in a questionnaire last year, you will have been sent an email to the address you provided last summer, inviting you to complete the stage 2 questionnaire and be entered to the prize draw for 140 prizes of £1,000, £500 or £100. Check out your email now if you have not already done so and click on the link to the questionnaire. If you no longer access the e-mail you gave us, or if you started an undergraduate course in 2006 and have not yet joined Futuretrack, you can update your details, or register to join by clicking on the link below:

Alternatively you can register on the HECSU website, or email giving your name, course, university and email address, and a link will be sent to you.

If you are eligible, don’t miss this chance to win a prize and contribute to better knowledge about higher education and labour market change in Northern Ireland and in the UK as a whole.

Professor Kate Purcell
Warwick Institute for Employment Research
University of Warwick

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