firstpoint’s five points about the University’s hidden gems…

Every Monday, firstpoint publishes five points about a topic related to life at university. This week, did you know about these hidden resources at the University…

Following the St John’s Campus University Mile using the small green direction markers is a good route to try mindful walking. Depending on your walking speed, it takes about 30 minutes.

Fresh air increases the amount of oxygen you inhale, which will have an effect on your serotonin levels, the hormone associated with mood and feelings of wellbeing. Walking part or all of the university mile could help alleviate stress and make you feel happier.       

As you are walking try slowing down your pace and notice the sensations of walking.

As you follow the mile, spend a few moments exploring the natural and human-made things you encounter.

Find out more in this guide to mindful walking.


Located at the University’s City Campus, the Infirmary Museum is an interactive exhibition, combining history, science, art and technology.  Explore the medical stories of one of England’s oldest infirmaries and the place where the British Medical Association began.  Meet characters from the Infirmary, investigate medical technology, challenge your ideas of mental health and compare health of today to other times and places. 

There are lots of hands on exhibits to get involved with and it is free to attend.  There is also a café onsite which is open during the weekdays and Saturday mornings, so you can either pop in for quick visit between lectures or make an outing of it.  You can also sign up to volunteering opportunities within the museum to support the local community whilst boosting your CV. You can find further information on the Infirmary webpage.


Offering outdoor adventure activities in beautiful surroundings, Lakeside Campus is located in the Worcestershire countryside, just a 10-minute drive from the St John’s Campus.

It includes a water-sports lake, grass pitches, woodlands and an activity centre.  This facility offers a huge range of fantastic opportunities for all our students, either as part of your course, through a Student’s Union society or simply as a member of the public. 

Why not have a go at open water swimming, kayaking, raft building or the ropes course.  There are also lots of fun events that take place at Lakeside campus throughout the year such as triathlons, inflatable challenges and colour runs!  For the latest information about activities and costs, see the Lakeside website.


Have you had a look at the GeoGarden, located by the entrance to the Charles Darwin Building on the St John’s Campus?  The rocks in this garden present the story of 700 million years of Earth history, telling a fascinating story of continental collisions, shallow tropical seas, costal lagoons and swamps, hot deserts, vast ice sheets and polar deserts! 

The space has been designed as an outdoor learning space, which can develop your skills in rock, fossil and mineral identification, so go and take a look and see what you can learn.  You might also like to download the ‘Geogarden’ app, which will tailor the information about the garden for you, based on whether you declare yourself to be a ‘young geologist, a ‘curious visitor’ or a ‘geologist’.

Plan of the Geogarden, located on the St John’s campus. The circled numbers refer to the individual rock ‘beds’ described below.

The ‘You are here’ signs indicate the location of two large interpretative boards.

In March 2022, University of Worcester students and staff created a new wildflower area to allow insects and other animals to thrive. Members of the University Nature Society worked with Grounds staff to sow a wildflower seed mix over an area of 500 square metres, on a popular pedestrian route at the University’s St John’s Campus.

It’s the latest in a long line of biodiversity initiatives at the University, which have also seen the introduction of bee hotels, bird and bat boxes, and a hedgehog box. You can read more about the project on the University of Worcester blog.