firstpoint’s five points for freshers 2022/23…

Every Monday, firstpoint publishes five points about a topic related to life at university. This week, five points to support new students…

There’s nothing worse than feeling a bit lost on your first day, so why not familiarise yourself with the University from the comfort of home by taking a virtual tour online or reading about the facilities on campus

When you get your timetable, you’ll see that there is a code used for each of the buildings on campus.  You can find a list of the building codes here and you can also view room layouts with photos.

We hope that these will help you feel more confident and comfortable on campus, but if you are ever unsure, ask at Main Reception or pop in to firstpoint and we’ll be happy to help.

When the University started there was only the St. John’s Campus. Over the years we have expanded to include city and countryside locations. In Welcome Week keep an eye out for special trips, tours and a guided visit to explore the library facilities at the Hive. 


During your studies you may experience some difficulties and challenges along the way. It’s more common than you might imagine. Don’t worry, the University has a range of different types of support available to you.

There is an informal ‘Fancy a Cuppa’ event every Tuesday and Thursday during teaching.  Drop in for a free drink, biscuit and a relaxed chat. They also welcome Pets as Therapy dogs at certain events, so keep an eye on the Fancy a Cuppa webpage and the Wellbeing Champions twitter account for the details.

Fancy a Cuppa logo

If you would prefer a confidential appointment with a specialist wellbeing adviser, you can contact the team by emailing

To access support from the Counselling & Mental Health Service, we offer STAR appointments (Support Triage Advice Refer). The 30-minute STAR sessions allow the team to assess and discuss the most appropriate support with you.  To book, please email firstpoint, with the subject STAR.


Occasionally, students have issues with finances. This can be because of delays to your Student Finance application being processed, or you might have had an unexpectedly large bill. We have help at hand from our Money Advice Service. The advisers can help you deal with Student Finance, whether that is cutting through the jargon, sorting through the forms, or ringing them on your behalf if needed.  For an appointment, email firstpoint.

Eligible students who are struggling financially can apply to the Access to Learning Fund, which may be able to provide a non-repayable grant. More information, including the application form, can be found on the Money Advice webpages.

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If you’re looking for part-time work to fit around your studies, make sure you log into your myCareer portal for job vacancies, as well as application guides and interview techniques.


You can never be sure when you might come down with something. We strongly suggest that you register with a local doctor; if you become ill here in Worcester, you might not feel up to making the trip home to see your own GP.  

In an emergency, there is the A & E department at the Royal Worcester Hospital. 

For more details, and a list of local GPs please see our Student Support and Wellbeing website.


The Students’ Union is there to support and represent you during your studies. During Welcome Week they run lots of events, student fairs and nights out to help you settle in. You can join different clubs and societies to try new things and meet new people.  Pop into the Students’ Union building and ask the Welcome Desk attendant for more details, or check out the Students’ Union website.

The SU can also support you with issues relating to both your studies and your welfare. There is lots of guidance on their webpages on topics such as housing, finance and health, plus University processes such as mitigating circumstances and academic appeals. Remember, although the SU has links with the University, their advice is independent, confidential and impartial.