firstpointFIVE028 – Official University documents

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firstpointFIVE028 – Official University documents

Do you know what documents are available from the University? Some you can print yourself, others will have to be ordered and paid for.  Here’s our guide to what, where and how to find them…

tip-01Tip 1: Student Status Letter

You may find during your time at University of Worcester that you need to confirm your status as a current student.  This may be for a sponsor, a landlord or to open a student bank account.  In these circumstances, you may find it useful accessing your student status (or bank) letter on your SOLE page.

Once you’ve logged into SOLE, simply go to the ‘Living’ tab at the top of the page.  Here you can find a link to the ‘Bank/Student Status Letter’.  It can be printed as a generic letter, or addressed to a specific bank (you will see the available options on the dropdown list).  Once you have printed the document, you can bring it in to firstpoint where we can add the University’s official stamp for you.

The letter will show your full name, date of birth, name of your course, whether you are studying full or part time and your start and expected end date.  If any of this information is showing incorrectly, please contact firstpoint.

The letter will also show your term-time and home addresses; if these are not accurate, you can edit this information under the ‘Personal Details’ tab on your SOLE page.  firstpoint are unable to change your addresses or telephone number and it is your responsibility to ensure these details are kept up to date throughout your studies.


tip-02Tip 2: Council Tax Exemption Certificate

If you are a full-time student, you do not have to pay Council Tax.

For Council Tax purposes, you will count as a full-time student if you are on a course which: a) lasts at least one academic year; and (b) involves at least 21 hours of study, classes or work experience per week during term time.

This means that some students (e.g. those studying a module as part of a summer school) may not be eligible for exemption from Council Tax.

If you are eligible, you can print your ‘Council Tax Exemption Certificate’ from your SOLE page; you can find it under the ‘Living’ tab.  If you would like us to add the University’s official stamp, you can bring the document in to the firstpoint counter.  You will then need to supply this document to the Council, to apply for your exemption.


Households where everyone’s a full-time student do not have to pay Council Tax.  It is useful to know that if you are living with someone who is not a student they may be able to apply for a discount on their household bill.  Further information regarding council tax discounts can be found on the government website.


tip-03Tip 3: Interim Transcripts

Your official transcript (which lists all the grades you have achieved and the modules you have taken), along with your official degree certificate, will be available to you after your Graduation ceremony (usually held in the November following the completion of your course).

If you need a copy of this information before your official documents are available, firstpoint can print an interim transcript for you for the cost of £1.  Please note, this document will show only the grades that have been confirmed at an Exam Board (provisional results will not be displayed).

Due to data protection regulations, we are unable to send this document to you electronically via email.  However there are scanners on the first floor of the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre which are available for students to use, should you require an electronic version.

Alternatively, you can request for the document to be printed and posted out to you, with the following postal charges: £2.50 (UK addresses), £10 (European addresses) and £11 (International addresses). Costs are correct as of February 2020, please confirm with firstpoint before making a payment.

Visit firstpoint or give us a call on 01905 542551 for further advice or to request an interim transcript.


tip-04Tip 4: Award letter

Once your award has been agreed by the Board of Examiners, you will be able to print your own award confirmation letter from your SOLE page. This contains all the information that potential employers will need to see regarding the award and degree classification you have achieved.

On your SOLE page, go to the ‘Assessments’ tab and you will find a link to your Award Confirmation letter.

If you require a University of Worcester stamp added to this document, simply bring a printed copy in to firstpoint, along with your student ID card.

We can help you work out the date your subject Exam Boards are due to meet if needed, so please contact us here at firstpoint if you need any guidance.


tip-05Tip 5: Bespoke Requests

There may be times when you need a customised letter for a specific situation or purpose, or a form completing to verify your student status.  These can be completed by the Student Records department and you can request them directly by emailing  You must email from your official University email address and clearly state the information you need.  Please be aware there may be a charge for this service.