firstpointFIVE025: Printing on Campus

Every Monday, firstpoint publishes our top five tips on a topic related to life at university. We’ll cover a wide range of topics such as making the most of your time at university, help with your studies, working through the challenges of communal living or maybe looking after yourself during exams and assessments.

fpFIVE025 title.jpgfirstpointFIVE025 – Printing on campus

tip-01Tip 1: Printing on campus

You can print A4 and A3 pages by using the printers on campus, in colour or black & white (mono). After you have sent a document to print, you can access it on the printer using your ID card or by entering your username and password. Printers are set to automatically print in black & white and two-sided, so when sending the document to print, you need to select your requirements if they are different to this.

tip-02Tip 2: Printing from a device

You can print directly from your laptop or mobile device through the WebPrint service, which you can access through MyDay. Log into your portal with your University username and password and click on the ‘Print & Copy Portal’ tile. On the right of the portal you can click ‘Web Print’ and then on the green ‘submit a job’ button. Then send to ‘University Print’ and collect your work from the printer as normal.

print and copy portal.jpgweb print.jpg

tip-03Tip 3: Top-up your credit

You can top up the print credit on your account using a debit or credit card at the top-up kiosks. If you need to top up using cash, you can do this at the kiosks in the Hive.

tip-04Tip 4: Poster printing

If you need larger printing done, you can have posters printed through the Print Room on the St John’s campus; they can print A2, A1 or A0. Collect a red form and make payment at firstpoint, then email your PDF document to To check the prices, please contact the print room or firstpoint.

tip-05Tip 5: Where you can print

Need to find your nearest printer or top-up kiosk? There is a list of all the printers on campus available on the ICT webpage.