firstpointFIVE024: Help with money

Every Monday, firstpoint publishes our top five tips on a topic related to life at university. We’ll cover a wide range of topics such as making the most of your time at university, help with your studies, working through the challenges of communal living or maybe looking after yourself during exams and assessments.

fpFIVE024 title.jpgfirstpointFIVE024 – Help with money

tip-01Tip 1: Get some advice

Make an appointment with the Money Advice service. You can discuss a range of different topics including: budgeting, tuition fees, student loans and grants, NHS grants, scholarships and bursaries, support for students with children, welfare benefits, tax credits, debt management and general financial queries.  They also have lots of resources on their website.

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tip-02Tip 2: Calculate the cost of caffeine

Save £2.40 a day (£12 a week!) by bringing your own hot drink to University, rather than buying a Costa or Starbucks coffee. Consider other areas you might also be able to save, such as bringing your lunch instead of always buying something on the day. If you can’t manage every day, just start with once or twice a week. Small changes can add up to large savings across the month.

tip-03Tip 3: Earning while you’re learning

There are lots of opportunities available to earn while you learn at the university in roles like Student Ambassador, student receptionist, student union shop assistant and more. More information can be found on the university vacancy pages and the student union vacancy pages.

The Careers team promote and advertise part time paid jobs, which are aimed at students. You can check the Part Time Jobs Bulletin board located in firstpoint, or you can keep an eye on the vacancies by checking online.

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tip-04Tip 4: Shop smart

There are a variety of supermarkets in Worcester to suit all budgets-with an Aldi in walking distance of both the St. John’s and City Campuses. Shop smart, avoid expensive brands and try supermarket own brands. Try not to impulse buy, shopping when you’re hungry can make you stray from your shopping list and budget. Keep an eye out for the yellow sticker, or reduced price items at the end of the day to bag a bargain. Lots of supermarkets also offer loyalty card schemes with money-back schemes.

tip-05Tip 5: Travel expenses


Struggling with the costs of commuting? Consider joining the University Car-Share scheme. You could save on fuel and parking costs by teaming up with another student. A great way to reduce your carbon

footprint too! You could also consider the bike share scheme. The university has a fleet of pedal and electric bikes for undergraduate and postgraduate students at a small annual membership cost. This can be a great way of beating the commuter costs for those students who live a little closer to campus.