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firstpointFIVE014 – The Worcester Award: 

Stand out from the crowd

tip-01Tip 1: What is the Worcester Award?

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The Pro-Vice Chancellor presenting a Gold Award certificate to a student.

The Worcester Award is an employability Award run by the Careers & Employability team. It allows you to record extra-curricular activities you engage in during your time at university and encourages you to reflect upon how these activities can help to improve your future employability.

The Worcester Award has four levels: Bronze; Silver; Gold and Platinum. You can decide which level of the Award you want to aim for. If you want to go for Platinum, you must have completed Gold by 31st January 2020. There are limited places on the Platinum Award and entrance is secured by application; applications are judged anonymously.



Tip 2: Why do the Worcester Award?

The Worcester Award (any level) will be recorded on your degree transcript when you graduate. You will receive an official certificate from the University of Worcester for your achievement too. Employers like to see that students get involved with extra-curricular activities whilst at university. It’s a brilliant addition to your CV, as well as being a great talking point at interviews and on application forms.

tip-03Tip 3: Who can take part in the Worcester Award?

Any University of Worcester student can achieve the Worcester Award. You can be from any of the nine schools, studying full- or part-time, undergraduate or postgraduate, on your placement/sandwich year, based on any campus or studying through a partner college.

If you have any difficulties accessing regular paid work due to issues such as disability or visa requirements, please contact the Worcester Award team directly to discuss your situation.

tip-04Tip 4: How do I achieve the Worcester Award?

Click here to register and you will then receive an email from the Careers team with guidance for the next step. The Worcester Award is completed online, via the myCareer portal.

For the Bronze Award, you will to achieve a minimum of 40 hours work experience, a minimum of 20 hours personal development activities and one employability activity.

For the Silver Award, you will to achieve a minimum of 80 hours work experience, a minimum of 40 hours personal development activities and three employability activities.

For the Gold Award, you will to complete the requirements for the Silver Award, plus provide a CV or personal statement and take part in a 5 minutes presentation and interview.

Entrance onto the Platinum Award is by application only and please be aware of the deadline, shown below.


tip-05Tip 5: When can I do the Worcester Award?

Registration for this year’s Awards opened in October, but you can register at any stage, as long as it’s before the submission deadline – remember, there is a different deadline for each Award:

Platinum Award: complete your Gold Award on myCareer by the 31st January 2019

Gold Award: complete your award on myCareer by 14th February 2020

Bronze and Silver Awards: complete your award on myCareer by 17th April 2020.

Further details regarding all of the above, can be found by logging into your myCareer portal via myday, where you will also find details of workshops and drop-in sessions which run throughout the year.


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You can also look on the Worcester Award webpage and questions can be sent to:

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