firstpointFIVE013: Careers & Employability

Every Monday, firstpoint publishes our top five tips on a topic related to life at university. We’ll cover a wide range of topics such as making the most of your time at university, help with your studies, working through the challenges of communal living or maybe looking after yourself during exams and assessments.

fpFIVE013 title.jpgfirstpointFIVE013 – Careers & Employability – ideas and links to find work and improve employability


Tip 1
: Work around your study

Part time jobs can be a good source of income for students, and also look good when you are applying for jobs after University. We have a Careers and Employability service that can offer advice. See their webpages for further information.

tip-02Tip 2: Employability Award

The Worcester Award helps you stand out from the crowd by recording your extra activities –volunteer or paid employment- and rewarding you with Bronze, Silver or Gold awards. Join up online here.

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Worcester Award logo

tip-03Tip 3: Earn as you Learn

Part-time or holiday work has become an integral part of university life for many students. We actively promote earn as you learn prospects for our students, particularly through our successful Student Ambassador Scheme.

tip-04Tip 4: Speak with an Adviser

You can book an appointment with our Careers and Employability team to get help writing your C.V., applying for jobs or graduate career planning. Book online through your myday page or from the Careers & Employability webpage.

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tip-05Tip 5: Browse the resources

The Careers & Employability Service have a dedicated area within firstpoint where you can find ‘how to’ guides on psychometric tests, improving your C.V. and interview techniques amongst others. Come in and have a look!

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