firstpointFIVE004: How’s it going with your course?

Every Monday, firstpoint publishes our top five tips on a topic related to life at university. We’ll cover a wide range of topics such as making the most of your time at university, help with your studies, working through the challenges of communal living or maybe looking after yourself during exams and assessments.

fpFIVE004 titlefirstpointFIVE004 – How’s it going with your course?

Teaching starts this week. Hopefully you’re excited about starting your course but it’s not surprising if you’ve still got questions about your modules and what support is available…


tip-01Tip 1: Getting advice

The Programme Advisory Service offers advice and guidance on module selection and changes, course changes, timetable clashes, progression, reassessments and retakes. You can book an appointment via your SOLE and there are drop-in sessions over the first three weeks of the semester to help you with any questions you may have.


tip-02Tip 2: The Module Directory

The Module Directory can be used to check the details of a module, including when it is running, its location and who the tutor is. You might consider using this when you are selecting your modules or considering a module change. Some students will use the directory to check the location for their lecture, however using your timetable on your Sole page might be the quicker way to do this! You can find the directory on your SOLE page, under the ‘Course Information’.


tip-03Tip 3: On the wrong module or want to make a change

If you feel like there is a module that suits your interests or meets your requirements better than the options you have chosen, you can ask to change. You’ll need to submit a “Module Change Request” on your SOLE page under the ‘Course Information’ tab which is then sent for approval. Module changes must be requested by the second week of teaching. More information can be found on our website.


tip-04Tip 4: Thinking of changing course

If you feel you are on the wrong course and would like to make a change, it’s not too late, but it must be requested by the second week of teaching.  You can make a course change request via your Sole page, under the ‘Course Information’ tab. If you know what you would like to change to, please contact the admissions tutor to discuss whether this change might be possible. We would always recommend that you also speak with a Programme Adviser to explore your options in more detail.


tip-05Tip 5: Talk to your PAT

Your Personal Academic Tutor is here to support your academic development and is an excellent place to start if you are feeling uncertain or unhappy about your modules or your course.  They might also be able to highlight other services which can help you to reach you full potential. Why not contact them and have a chat?  Find out more about what they can offer online: