firstpointFIVE003: Freshers checklist

Every Monday, firstpoint publishes our top five tips on a topic related to life at university. We’ll cover a wide range of topics such as making the most of your time at university, help with your studies, working through the challenges of communal living or maybe looking after yourself during exams and assessments.

fpFIVE003 titlefirstpointFIVE003 – Freshers’ checklist

Welcome freshers! There’s a lot going on in the next month. We’ve created a checklist for your first few weeks on campus…


tip-01Tip 1: Find your way around

Before you arrive, why not familiarise yourself with the University using the maps and 360 degree tours available online? There’s nothing worse than feeling a bit lost on your first day, and this way you’ll be more confident and comfortable.

We also use a code for the buildings on campus, and we often are asked what they mean. On your timetable you will find a Building Key with all of the details and you can also check this room list online.  If you still aren’t sure, ask at Main Reception or pop in to firstpoint and we’ll be happy to help.

When the University started it was only based on St John’s Campus, over the years we have expanded to include several other locations in Worcester.  In Welcome Week keep an eye out for special trips and tours and explore the library at the Hive.  Take a look around our different campuses and you can even go open water swimming at the Lakeside Campus.


tip-02Tip 2: Feeling overwhelmed?

During your studies you may experience some difficulties and challenges along the way. It’s more common than you might imagine. Don’t worry, the University has a wide range of different types of support available to you.

firstpoint Advisers are here from 8.30am in the morning until 5.30pm, Monday – Friday. If you don’t fancy talking at the desk- ask us for a more private space. We can discuss any issue, and if we can’t solve it all, we will refer you to the right team, book appointments and make sure you have the right information.

009 Fancy a cuppaOur Student Support and Wellbeing team run an informal ‘Fancy a Cuppa’ event. This is every Tuesday and Thursday during teaching.  Drop in for a free drink, biscuit and a relaxed chat. They also welcome Pets as Therapy dogs at certain events, so keep an eye on their webpage and twitter accounts for the dates. If you would prefer a confidential appointment, contact firstpoint and we can arrange this for you.


tip-03Tip 3: Support with your finances

Occasionally some students have issues with finances. This can be as a result of delays to your Student Finance application being processed, or you might have had an unexpectedly large bill. We have help at hand from our Money Advice Service. The Advisers will be able to help support you with Student Finance or claiming benefits, including ringing them on your behalf if needed. They can help cut through any jargon and get to the bottom of all of those forms! Their appointments are held in a confidential room in firstpoint, and you can book appointments throughout the week by contacting firstpoint, either at the counter, by phone (01905 542551) or email.

We also have the Access to Learning fund. Eligible students who are struggling financially can apply, and we may be able to provide a non-repayable grant. We would always recommend that students apply for support as we don’t want to see you struggling. Pop in to firstpoint; we can give you the form and talk it through with you too.


tip-04Tip 4: Register with a GP

You can never be sure when you might need a doctor and we strongly suggest you register with a local surgery. If you become ill here in Worcester, you might not feel up to making the trip home to see your own GP.

If you need medical advice but don’t need a GP you can always call NHS 111 and in an emergency, you should contact the A & E department at the Royal Worcester Hospital.

For more details, and a list of local GPs please see our Student Support and Wellbeing website.


tip-05Tip 5: Explore the SU

The Students’ Union is there to support and represent you during your studies. During Welcome Week they run lots of events, student fairs and nights out to help you settle in. You can join different clubs and societies to try new things and meet new people.

Pop in to the Students’ Union building, and ask the Welcome Desk attendant for more details, or check out the SU website.  Plus you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
And make sure you’re signed up to the official Welcome Week 2019 group on Facebook.