How is my degree classified and when can I see my results?

At this time of year we are often asked about what you need to achieve a degree and when and where you can find your results. We’ve put together some information that will hopefully answer some of your questions.

What do I need to be awarded a degree?
To be awarded an honours degree you will need to pass a total of 360 credits; this will often include the need to pass the 30 credit Level 6 Independent Study or equivalent module.  Most students achieve this by passing 120 credits at levels 4, 5 and 6 but the rules for some courses allow some flexibility.

You will find full information in the Taught Courses Regulatory Framework.

How is my degree classification calculated?
The Honours degree classification will be calculated in two ways. It is up to the Board of Examiners to confirm which method is better for you & will give you the best possible classification. For the majority of students, the outcome will be the same using both methods.

Remember that you must pass 120 credits at each level of study.  Some modules you have studied will be 15 credits and some will be 30 credits.

Method 1: classification is determined on the profile of the best 60 credit passed at Level 5 and the best 120 credits passed at Level 6:classification table 2

Method 2: classification is determined on the profile of the best 120 credits at Level 6:
classification table 2

I’m doing a top-up – how does it work for me?
If you are following a top-up (Level 6) course having previously studied a HND or Foundation Degree, you will only have results at Level 6, therefore only Method 2 will be used to calculate the classification.  The modules from a separate course will not be used.

Again, you can find further information in the Taught Courses Regulatory Framework.

For more help with how your degree is calculated, you can speak with your Personal Academic Tutor or book an appointment with a Programme Adviser via the Timecenter website.

When will I know my results?
Confirmed results will appear on your SOLE page once the relevant Board of Examiners has met.  For most courses, this will be mid-June but exact dates can be found on the academic year calendars.

Can I get a transcript showing my module results?
Your official University of Worcester transcript will be available at your Graduation ceremony in November, or can be posted to you after the ceremony if you are unable to attend.  However, after the grades have been confirmed at the Exam Boards, and if you need a copy of your transcript before Graduation, firstpoint can print an interim transcript. There is a cost of £1 to have the document printed and it can be posted out for an additional charge.  For more information, contact firstpoint directly: or 01905 542551.

When can I get official confirmation of my degree classification?
After the exam boards have agreed the module results, the Scheme Board will meet to check and confirm your final award; you will then be able to print your own Award Letter from your SOLE page. This is an official document from the University of Worcester, confirming your degree classification.  If you need the document to have an official stamp, you can take your printed letter to firstpoint.

You can find more information on the above and more topics on the Student Records FAQ pages.

You can also contact firstpoint with any questions.